Forrest Spence 5k Speaker - Emily Joyner

August 26th, 2014

In January, my 4-week-old son was admitted to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital for RSV. He went into respiratory failure and was intubated for two full weeks. In total, we remained at Le Bonheur for three weeks, and it’s safe to say that those three weeks changed the lives of both my husband and me. We look at life a little differently, maybe worry a little more and most definitely shelter our youngest child a little more than we should, but to come so dangerously close to losing a child was the most terrifying thing we have ever experienced.

During our time at Le Bonheur, we were blessed by so many wonderful people and thoughtful gestures. One of the amazing things we experienced was the generosity of the Forrest Spence Fund. Every week, Brittany Spence took the time to come to our hospital room, suit up in gloves and a mask just to spend time talking. The time she could have spent playing with her own children or taking care of countless things in her own life, she took to sit on a hospital room couch and just talk. She’d ask how we were, get an update on Hayden, share her own experiences. Sitting side by side with someone who had walked in our shoes before meant the world to my family. RSV is a terrible, nasty illness, but she helped us cope with everything we were dealing with by telling us of her own daughter’s bout with RSV and how she recovered.

I’m thankful for Brittany and for the selfless, compassionate work of the Forest Spence Fund, as I know they’re touching the lives of so many. Now, I can only hope to give back and support their work in a way that truly shows how 

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