Showing Love with Lovies

May 3rd, 2021

We are thrilled to share that Caroline Scott and family are sponsoring the new lovie program at Le Bonheur NICU. With the addition of this new program, every child who enters the NICU will receive an Angel Dear Lovie. These lovies are an item of comfort not just for the baby, but for the family who is watching their child fight for survival.

This is something the Scott family understands on a personal level. Mother Mary Kathleen tells us that “Caroline is our beyond miracle child. My water broke for no reason when I was 22.5 weeks along. They debated about whether to admit me, but she was 660 grams so I was admitted on bedrest with antibiotics, steroids, etc.” At this point, Caroline was given a 17% chance of survival. The doctor tried to get Mary Kathleen to 24 weeks, where Caroline would then have a 50% chance of survival. 

As luck would have it, Mary Kathleen went into full labor at 24 weeks and 1 day. But the relief from an increased chance of survival didn’t last long as Caroline descended into the canal and got stuck. On February 17, 2015 an emergency C-section led to the birth of Caroline Scott at only 1 pound and 7 ounces.

The family remained in the NICU of Methodist Germantown as Caroline valiantly fought for her life. When she was 1 week old, a bowel perforation took their family to Le Bonheur, where she could have a very small bowel resection. From there, Caroline’s fight for survival continued. She was on a ventilator, then C-Pap, then oxygen. She had a small patent ductus arteriosus that was able to heal on its own, followed by multiple brain bleeds and numerous infections, to name a few things. Though born in February, the Scott family remained in the hospital with their baby girl until June--and that is how we came to know them. 

Mary Kathleen recalls that “while we were there we got the sweetest gift bag from FSF with all sorts of random items that were so necessary for being in a hospital long term!! We had a CD player in the room to be able to play music and even more special was we knew the family that donated also had a child at LeBonheur. I remember Brittany coming by one day to see if I needed anything and I was so touched at how thoughtful that was.” Through Forrest Spence Fund, the Scott’s felt seen and supported during the almost five months in which Le Bonheur became their home.

Caroline is now 6 years old and has no long term issues. She is a happy, healthy, and caring child who loves the zoo, swimming, and anything outside! Mary Kathleen looks back “at everything FSF has done and is truly amazed.” Her gratitude for Le Bonheur is unmatched, and she views Forrest Spence Fund as a part of the hospital. Caroline says that she “wants people to see what a great part of LeBonheur FSF is.”

For years, the Scott family has been donating to Le Bonheur in hopes of supporting families who experience hardships much like their own. But they have always felt called to do a little more. Mary Kathleen wanted to give in a way that would make each family feel loved and seen, as she had just a few years before. And that is when she came across our lovie program. The very same kind of lovie was a strong comfort to Caroline both during her stay at the hospital and in the following years.

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