Individual Needs

The fund strives to identify specific needs of families who are coping with critically or chronically ill children. As an introduction, we supply patients and families with care bags that include helpful supplies for their stay in the hospital. These bags provide items that are comforting and necessary during their stay.  Moreover, our bags let the families know that someone cares for them during this difficult time and that we are available to them as a resource. Each bag includes information about our Fund and establishes an open line of communication to establish a relationship with the family.

Click here to view the items included in a Family Care Bag.

For those families that contact us or establish a relationship with us, we look for ways to support them in the hospital or at home, based on their unique situation.  For example, in the past we have provided:

  • Covering the cost of a phone bill and or electricity bill
  • Mortgage/rent coverage
  • House Cleaning
  • Gas cards for the long drive to and from the hospital
  • Meal vouchers for the hospital cafeteria
  • Purchased cribs, car seats, and other necessities for the child
  • Christmas gifts
  • Thanksgiving meals and Christmas meals in the hospital