Care Bags

One way we show support to families is by supplying care bags that include helpful supplies for their stay in the hospital. These bags provide items that are comforting and necessary during their stay.  Moreover, our bags let the families know that someone cares for them during this difficult time and that we are available to them as a resource. Each bag includes information about our Fund and establishes an open line of communication to establish a relationship with the family.

We are always in need of items for our care bags.  This is a wonderful way to give back to the Forrest Spence Fund and a great way to involve family and friends.  You can collect 1 specific item or you can collect all the items for a specific care bag.  

We provide a few different items depending on the specific age of the patient. Please click on the links below to see the items for each specific age. 

Newborn-1 year olds

Ages 1-4

Ages 5-8

Ages 9-12