How You Can Help

Ways to volunteer for the Forrest Spence Fund include the following

  • Serve on a Forrest Spence 5k race committee.
  • Participate in the Forrest Spence 5k Race on August 28, 2021.
  • Collect items from our wishlist
  • Help us stock our comfort cart
  • Serve monthly at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital dinner.
  • Give back in other ways.
  • Collect gifts for our Annual Christmas Toy Drive.
  • Volunteer to help pack coolers for the No Show Ball
  • Volunteer to deliver the coolers for the No Show Ball
  • Serve on a Spring for Forrest committee
  • Volunteer at the Spring for Forrest Cocktail Party and Auction

Other Ways To Get Involved

While these essential volunteers provide the backbone of the Fund, creativity is the key if you have the desire to help but cannot  serve at any of the above.  Here are just a few ideas to get your ideas flowing!

  • Create or purchase centerpieces or decorations for the monthly Le Bonheur Family dinners.  We use about 13 tables each time.
  • Have a children’s book drive.
  • Make and decorate notecards to be used in the Care Bags.  Families write their child’s name on these and place where needed in the hospital.
  • Prepare a craft for children to be used at our monthly Le Bonheur Family dinners.
  • Collect family appropriate magazines for care bags.
  • Provide small items for the monthly Unit Adoption Program we have at Le Bonheur in honor of the staff.
  • Provide items for our programs like Heart Project, Essential Bags, or 40 week bags.
  • Make baby blankets. 
  • At your next family or friend gathering, have each guest bring an item for a family care bag from the list.  You can assign a specific item to each person or choose 1 particular item and ask all guests to bring that item.
  • Donate Christmas toys to our annual toy drive.

View more volunteer opportunities and contact Abby Cooley at abby [at] forrestspencefund [dot] org if interested in volunteering.